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Senna (2010)
Release: 07 October 2010

No Fear. No Limits. No Equal.

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The remarkable story of Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna, charting his physical and spiritual achievements on the track and off, his quest for perfection, and the mythical status he has since attained, is the subject of Senna, a documentary feature that spans the racing legend's years as an F1 driver, from his opening season in 1984 to his untimely death a decade later.
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Status: Released
Revenue: $8 million
Runtime: 106 mins
Original Language: English
  • Documentary
Cast & Crew
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Production Countries
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Champion
  • Sports
  • Rivalry
  • Racing
  • Teammate
  • Driver
  • Sports documentary
  • Formula one (f1)
  • Motorsport
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