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First Blood (1982)
Release: 22 October 1982

This time he's fighting for his life.

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When former Green Beret John Rambo is harassed by local law enforcement and arrested for vagrancy, the Vietnam vet snaps, runs for the hills and rat-a-tat-tats his way into the action-movie hall of fame. Hounded by a relentless sheriff, Rambo employs heavy-handed guerilla tactics to shake the cops off his tail.
Status: Released
Budget: $15 million
Revenue: $125 million
Runtime: 93 mins
Original Language: English
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • War
Cast & Crew
Production Company
Production Countries
  • United States of America
  • Prison
  • Vietnam veteran
  • Falsely accused
  • Police brutality
  • Sheriff
  • Guerrilla warfare
  • Submachine gun
  • Gun
  • Hero
  • Destroy
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